The mission for The CI View is simple: to keep California State University Channel Islands students updated on the news and happenings of a growing and dynamic university. We do our best to inform students about the new majors, buildings, programs, departments and events that are being brought to campus. In addition, we are dedicated to bringing national, local and community news to the CSU Channel Islands campus. We also provide students with a forum to voice their own opinions, ideas and suggestions to keep CSU Channel Islands a university that maintains a student-based focus. In doing this, we keep ourselves open and available to suggestions to make The CI View a better student newspaper.

We are excited to bring the students of CSU Channel Islands a newspaper of the highest quality every month and are always looking for new staff members and contributors. Please contact us if you would like to be a part of this growing and evolving ASI entity.

The CI View
One University Drive
Student Union Room 2011
Camarillo, CA 93012